adj., n., & adv.
—adj. (better, best)
1 having the right or desired qualities; satisfactory, adequate.
2 a (of a person) efficient, competent (good at French; a good driver). b (of a thing) reliable, efficient (good brakes). c (of health etc.) strong (good eyesight).
3 a kind, benevolent (good of you to come). b morally excellent; virtuous (a good deed). c charitable (good works). d well-behaved (a good child).
4 enjoyable, agreeable (a good party; good news).
5 thorough, considerable (gave it a good wash).
6 a not less than (waited a good hour). b considerable in number, quality, etc. (a good many people).
7 healthy, beneficial (milk is good for you).
8 a valid, sound (a good reason). b financially sound (his credit is good).
9 in exclamations of surprise (good heavens!).
10 right, proper, expedient (thought it good to have a try).
11 fresh, eatable, untainted (is the meat still good?).
12 (sometimes patronizing) commendable, worthy (good old George; your good lady wife; good men and true; my good man).
13 well shaped, attractive (has good legs; good looks).
14 in courteous greetings and farewells (good afternoon).
1 (only in sing.) that which is good; what is beneficial or morally right (only good can come of it; did it for your own good; what good will it do?).
2 (only in sing.) a desirable end or object; a thing worth attaining (sacrificing the present for a future good).
3 (in pl.) a movable property or merchandise. b Brit. things to be transported, as distinct from passengers. c (prec. by the) colloq. what one has undertaken to supply (esp. deliver the goods). d (prec. by the) sl. the real thing; the genuine article.
4 (as pl.; prec. by the) virtuous people.
—adv. US colloq. well (doing pretty good).
Phrases and idioms:
as good as practically (he as good as told me). be so good as (or be good enough) to (often in a request) be kind and do (a favour) (be so good as to open the window). be (a certain amount) to the good have as net profit or advantage. do good show kindness, act philanthropically. do a person good be beneficial to. for good (and all) finally, permanently. good and colloq. used as an intensifier before an adj. or adv. (raining good and hard; was good and angry). the good book the Bible. good breeding correct or courteous manners. good faith see FAITH. good for 1 beneficial to; having a good effect on.
2 able to perform; inclined for (good for a ten-mile walk).
3 able to be trusted to pay (is good for pound100). good form see FORM. good-for-nothing (or -nought) adj. worthless.
—n. a worthless person. good for you! (or him!, her!, etc.) exclamation of approval towards a person. Good Friday the Friday before Easter Sunday commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ. good-hearted kindly, well-meaning. good humour a genial mood. a good job a fortunate state of affairs (it's a good job you came early). good-looker a handsome or attractive person. good-looking handsome; attractive. good luck
1 good fortune, happy chance.
2 exclamation of well-wishing.
good money
1 genuine money; money that might usefully have been spent elsewhere.
2 colloq. high wages. good nature a friendly disposition. good oil Austral. sl. reliable information. good on you! (or him! etc.) = good for you! goods and chattels see CHATTEL. good-time recklessly pursuing pleasure. good-timer a person who recklessly pursues pleasure. good times a period of prosperity. good will the intention and hope that good will result (see also GOODWILL). a good word (often in phr. put in a good word for) words in recommendation or defence of a person. good works charitable acts. have a good mind see MIND. have the goods on a person sl. have advantageous information about a person. have a good time enjoy oneself. in a person's good books see BOOK. in good faith with honest or sincere intentions.
in good time
1 with no risk of being late.
2 (also all in good time) in due course but without haste.
make good
1 make up for, compensate for, pay (an expense).
2 fulfil (a promise); effect (a purpose or an intended action).
3 demonstrate the truth of (a statement); substantiate (a charge).
4 gain and hold (a position).
5 replace or restore (a thing lost or damaged).
6 (absol.) accomplish what one intended.
no good
1 mischief (is up to no good).
2 useless; to no advantage (it is no good arguing). no-good
—adj. useless.
—n. a useless thing or person. take in good part not be offended by. to the good having as profit or benefit.
goodish adj.
Etymology: OE god f. Gmc

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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